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Pastor wants to improve African-American families through fathers

The state of fatherhood in the African-American family is “over the cliff” in one local pastor’s words...[Read More]

Churches partner to improve lives in north Baton Rouge

The roof of New Beginning Baptist Church needed repairs, but the small congregation couldn’t afford to fix it...[Read More]

Churches develop plans to tackle neighborhood problems

A Baton Rouge pastor says for years, there's been talk about cleaning up crime and the community...[Read More]

Group hopes to help families

Some north Baton Rouge religious leaders are asking their communities to help them tackle...[Read More]

Walking For Families

A young African-American man wearing baggy pants and a sullen expression might look like trouble...[Read More]

Pastor Fights to Save Families

After outlining staggering statistics showing the breakdown of the family unit in the black...[Read More]